Thought to switch from LastPass ... but

I’ve been using LastPass since the week it launched, and while it’s ugly as sin and has a terrible UI, it works.

Thought to try Bitwarden, but I have some gripes. Maybe I’m missing something?

#1. Biggest issue: 90% of my usage is in Chrome, via the extension. I want to be able to popup the extension (via hotkey, which works) and then quickly choose a site, and log in to it.

With LP, this is a piece of cake – I just type a few letters, then arrow down/up to the site, and hit enter. Site is launched and logged in.

With BW … after launching the panel, I find the site … same as LP so far … but then arrow up/down does nothing. I have to use TAB which makes no sense. OK, so I finally tab to the site I want. I hit ENTER. No go. It just tells me “unable to autofill”. But there are little buttons on the side to launch etc.

But no way to access them via keyboard, AFAICT. Mouse only.

This seems really poorly thought out to me.

#2. Also, LW has a feature where I can do this whole thing via the search bar. I type “LP” and hit TAB, and I can search my logins and immediately launch them. I don’t see anything like this in BW.

#3. On many sites, I have multiple logins. With LP, I have keyboard shortcuts for “next/prev login” so I can cycle through them easily. All I see in BW is “Auto-fill the last used login for the current website”. What if I want one of the other 6?

I haven’t even looked at the Android app … but these are dealbreakers for me.

Am I missing some hidden features? Or do you all just use your mice?

Hi Dan - sorry that you don’t find BW to be laid out the same or function the same as Lastpass. You are not alone here - Bitwarden is definitely a different product, not a clone of LP, and others have made similar complaints.

Personally, I use my browser’s bookmarks to store and launch the website I want and then just let Bitwarden fill in my credentials automatically. I have never thought of using my password manager to also manage my bookmarks - so I can’t help you there.

And if you are presented with a list of matching credentials for your URI/URL, you can use Cntrl-Shift-L to cycle through them (or Command-Shift-L on a Mac). Hope that helps!

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