New Convert From LastPass

Just transitioned over from LastPass yesterday. All I can say is I wish I had done it sooner! Exporting my data from LastPass and importing to bitwarden was dead simple and worked perfectly. I found the tutorials to be very good and I was up and running in less than an hour. Integration with Chrome is very good. Getting everything setup correctly on my iPad and iPhone took a bit but even that was fairly easy.
Kudos to everyone who helps create/maintain bitwarden!!


Welcome from another LastPass refugee. They are many of us here. I also wish I would have moved over sooner. The integrated TOTP with auto-copy is a big workflow improvement for me. Apple Watch TOTP works well. I also like that you can integrate your TOTP and attachments into the same login saved file whereas in LastPass they had to be in their authenticator app and Secure Notes, respectively.

Export is also much better. Recommend to export via the web interface with the personal password option on a routine basis and to save your 2FA Recovery Key somewhere safe and secure. Also recommend to change the Clear Clipboard setting to something other than Never. The Send feature is a great bonus, by the way. The dead cheap Premium version is a great deal and a good way to support Bitwarden.



I also wish I had moved over quicker. There are some things that LastPass do better (such as autofilling password fields – it doesn’t always work on some sites I visit with Bitwarden). I do miss the LastPass right-click autofill saved favorites (like 2 of my most often used credit cards).

Nevertheless, Bitwarden seems a much better product and I’m glad I switched.

I haven’t gotten the TOTP autocopy to work with the Chrome browser extension. That’s probably my fault because I haven’t messed with it too much. For security reasons, the only TOTPs I’m using Bitwarden for are forums. Financial institutions and other more security sites I use MS Authenticator. It provides extra protection because you would need to hack Bitwarden AND MS Authenticator to get access to my institutions. Also, you would need my TOTP from MS Authenticator or my hardware Yubikey Bio to access my Bitwarden vault.

I find it works really well when I’m using Chrome on my Windows laptop but not as well when using Chrome on my iPhone or iPad. For example, on my laptop when it recognizes a website it just automatically fills in my UID and PW. On my iPad it requires an extra click. Maybe that is a limitation of Chrome on iOS IDK.

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It’s true, LastPass autofilling is more effective because they don’t encrypt the urls to increase usability. I don’t like this serious security tradeoff and prefer Bitwarden’s approach of encrypting these urls. But, investing more resources in auto-fill functionality to reduce friction would be value add for Bitwarden.


This is probably not the appropriate thread for this but one area that I am struggling a bit with is when I need to change a PW. It seems much less simple/intuitive than it was with LP. I’ve only tried it using Chrome on my Windows 10 laptop. Maybe I’m just not getting the correct work flow yet IDK.

So, I re-read the Generate a strong password section of Get Started and tested it on one of my sites and I think I get it now. It’s not exactly as simple as LP but I think I can get used to it.

Assuming you mean this section, it looks like they skipped one step in Step #4: After clicking “Yes” to confirm overwriting the old password, you must click “Select” in the top right corner of the password generator.

Also, I personally prefer a variation of this method. In Step #2, I copy the old password from Bitwarden, but I don’t yet paste it into the password change form. Then, in Step #6, instead of copying and pasting the new password, I use auto-fill to transfer this information to the password change form; this will also transfer the new password into the “Old Password” field, so I clear the “Old Password” field and then paste the old password that I had copied in Step #2. You might want to try this variation to see if you like it better.