I love Bitwarden

Hi all. After using 1Password for few years on all my computers and mobile devices, I decided to completely switch to Bitwarden and will also go for Bitwarden Premium.

The reason is that Bitwarden has things to offer that I didn’t have in 1Password.
The desktop app of Bitwarden is very fast, which I liked how fast it is, it’s simpler and has better UI in my idea.

I look forward to better features for Bitwarden as well.


I switched from 1Password a couple of weeks ago. It’s a great product, and there are a few things I miss about it. That being said on 1Password Windows and Android felt like second class citizens to iOS and MacOS in terms of features being added. Bitwarden getting biometrics working between browser extension and the app is what sealed the deal for me.


New BitWarden user myself. Former YEARS-LONG user of LastPass, but NO MORE with their recent changes and continual price increases!

Truly LOVING BitWarden!

Thank you!


I am loving BW so far. 10+ years of LastPass, including a paid Premium member. But I like BW, it does many things better than LP.

No regrets on the move! And now I’m a Premium BW user.

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