[Solved] Cannot create/add a TOTP with a login (Azure AD)

I am facing some issues with adding a TOTP token to an existing login.
the credential is a Azure AD account and I am trying to setup MFA with bitwarden (generating the MFA tokens).
So I am trying to configure a new App in Azure AD (aka.ms/mfasetup). There I will be provide with either a barcode to scan with an app or the Code (### ### ###) to enter manually. When entering the code manually in the TOTP field in bitwarden (web) it saves OK but nothing happens from the Microsoft MFA configuration (like it does not recognize any registration). When scanning the barcode with the iOS app, an error (bitwarden) is being displayed: Authentification key cannot be read (my free translation since my app is running in German).
Does anybody have a clue what I am doing wrong? If i remember correctly, I did exactly the same when I was evaluating Bitwarden…

When setting up the authenticator as a 2FA login on Microsoft did you make sure to select “Configure app without notifications

As notification 2FA login I would imagine only works with the Microsoft authenticator app and is used more as a DUO style push notification, rather than standard TOTP.


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yes, it defaults to the Microsoft Authenticator app to configure Push notifications.

Both TOTP and Push notifications can be configured with AzureAD via Sign in to your account

Authenticator App → I want to use a different authenticator app → Can’t scan image → copy the secret key and paste it on the Bitwarden app.

Hi @cksapp
thanks for the hint with “configure app without notifications”. Somehow, I forgot about this one :(.
works like a charm now