Unable to setup 2FA using Authenticator Key (TOTP) field

Hello, I am trying to set up 2FA and I am very confused with this Authenticator Key (TOTP) field.

  1. I don’t get the camera icon on the web/chrome extension NOR from the bitwarden MacOS app, so I cannot scan a QR code from desktop.
  2. Using the bitwarden iOS app, I was able to scan the QR code but nothing really happens. I don’t get a 6 digit code neither on desktop nor on the mobile.

In the Authenticator Key (TOTP) field it does display the otpauth://totp/... path but no verification code anywhere!

In the documentation about Authenticator Key (TOTP), there are screenshots about copying verification code and display of the 6 digit otp - these are not working on the apps I am using.

Versions of the apps:

  • Bitwarden MacOS app installed from MacOS AppStore version 2022.5.1
  • Bitwarden iOS app installed from iOS AppStore version 2022.6.1 (1895)

Can anyone help?

Hey @madhums, do you have an active premium account? The following is from the Bitwarden Authenticator (TOTP) Help Center article.

Authenticator key (TOTP) storage is available to all accounts. TOTP code generation requires Premium or membership to a Paid Organization (Families, Teams, or Enterprise).

Thank you for the quick response. No I don’t have a premium account.

Well if this feature is only available for premium accounts, what is the point in showing the field? and providing the camera icon on the iOS app? for non-premium users

I upgraded my account to premium, I am still unable to see the 6 digit TOTP in the apps (both on Mac and iOS) :frowning:

I tried

  • quitting the desktop app, opening again, didn’t work
  • restarting my mac, didn’t work
  • killed the iOS app, opened again, didn’t work

Finally, logged out and logged in from bitwarden, it worked.