Authy -> Bitwarden

I currently use Authy to generate the 2FA codes with my logins. It looks like with Bitwarden it can do that automatically when logging in; supplying username, password, and 2FA code.

My question is that how do I take all those tokens I have in Authy and transfer them over the Bitwarden?


I do not know any method to transfer the TOTP Authenticator Keys from Authy to Bitwarden.
Learn something new every day: See how to transfer TOTP Authenticator Keys from Authy to Bitwarden (untested) a few posts below thanks to @mwalker212. Thanks Matt! :+1:

If you wrote them down or made print-outs of the QR-codes when you activated them you could now add them to Bitwarden. Otherswise you will have to disable 2FA and then to re-enable it.

As Peter_H says there is no way to do this. It is not possible to extract the secrets out of Authy and use them elsewhere.

That’s a decision which Authy made and, like most decisions, there are advantages and disadvantages to it.

When I started using Bitwarden to generate these codes I had to re-setup all the TOTP logins. However, this time I kept copies of the secrets, so that I can use them as I need. If doing this make sure to keep them securely.

One of the great things about Bitwarden:
Once you have stored the TOTP Authenticator Keys inside Bitwarden you can look them up and (be very careful with that!) edit them:


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Not entirely sure that editing them is a good idea :smiley:

However, I do like the fact that you can get at them easily. They are stored safely inside the Bitwarden Vault, if some choses to do something silly with them then that is their fault.

Additionally, if you store your 2FA secrets in Bitwarden, it can give you a report of almost* all the accounts you have that allow 2FA TOTPs but which haven’t been enabled on a login in your vault yet.

* - the site in question must be listed on

Ok thanks for the help. I will have to look and see if (where) I saved any of those backup codes. If not I guess I will have to disable and then re-enable them to create new ones. If I do that (and this time save the backup codes), can I still use them in both Authy and Bitwarden and then switch between the two as desired?


Yes, you can! This is how to do that:

  • Scan the QR-code in both Authy and Bitwarden (e.g. with your phone) BEFORE you confirm with a TOTP.
  • Verify that both apps show the same TOTP.
  • If they show different values check both the time and the time zone on both devices.
  • If everything looks fine enter the TOTP for verification.


On a side note:

  • Have more than just a single 2FA method in place. In general this is relevant for every important account, but this is especially true for your Bitwarden account. If you are on premium (Good choice!) take a look at the free version of DUO and/or a YubiKey.

  • Try out every method before you rely on it.

  • Do NOT use SMS or eMail as a 2nd or 3rd option. This would be the weakest link of your security.

  • Do NOT save the 2FA recovery code only inside Bitwarden. Instead print it and put that piece of paper into in a safe place. To remember where you put it in the beginning look for it once a month. then perhaps every 3 months and finally at least once a year.

Except SMS. I do not recommend using SMS (texting) for getting 2FA codes.


Apparently I didn’t read all of that last post before replying.

I gather what you’re saying here is storing the 2FA recovery code for accessing your Bitwarden vault and/or the backup password for accessing Authy on paper. Thereby allowing you recovery access to your TOTPs. As opposed to printing out the recovery codes for all your accounts (in addition to storing them in Bitwarden), which I would not see much point in doing.

I actually already do have all my TOTPs both in Bitwarden and Authy. What I did to store a paper copy of my Authy password is to put it into a QR code generator and then print the QR code.

Actually, there is a way to find all the TOTP numbers from Authy, which you can then copy into BW, if you don’t mind a bit of techy stuff. I used it the other day and copied all the codes into BW successfully.
Details at


Thanks for all the tips, I did find some of my backup codes that I saved in text files but not sure those would be imported/used in Bitwarden.