[SOLVED] Bitwarden offering to save 2nd 3rd 4th slightly different URLS for same site

I have a friend using BW and they are making a mess of it with multiple Logins saved for the same site, because BW is offering to save sites with slightly different URLs. They are not technical and this is a problem. An example, is a “basedomain.com” and secure.basedomain.com".

They are using Chrome and the BW Extension is set with the Base Domain Auto Fill. Is there a way to kind of do the opposite and get BW to recognize the Base Domain and NOT offer to save the credentials once again, and again, and again…?

This doesn’t sound right, can you toss a ticket in at bitwarden.com/contact so our team can help troubleshoot? If this is a bug we want to address it.


Q1. It absolutely is an issue. Please fix! I have 897 logins! 694 not in a folder.
Request: Please implement a de-duplication function to merge and update the base-domain / host / etc.
Request: Please display the number of entries in each folder in the Windows app!
Thank you!

Q2. Why is there no information when selecting the domain matching rule - base domain / host etc? It should provide some inline documentation or example of what each drop-down option ‘does’.

Request: Please consider adding a suffix to demonstrate what it handles - Host (x.y.z), Domain (y.z) by extracting the domain text entered into the domain field (hllps://secure.example.co.uk/banking/login/)
Make it clearer so that the text entry actually displays in brackets AFTER the setting.
Does that make sense? :astonished: :dizzy_face:
Thank you!

My Gmail login (AFTER merging dozens of entries) has the following entries:


I was able to fix this myself. I think I changed their setting and then changed it back to Basedomain and it worked normally. Its possible they had done something in the settings and created the mess and then undid it before I saw it.

Feel free to close the case.