Bitwarden updating passwords for similar websites

Hi, I’m a new Bitwarden user, so I may be doing something wrong, but I have a problem. I have several websites with different sub-domains where each subdomain has it’s own login and password. These are mostly government sites. For example,,, In fact, for the domain there are hundreds of independent government departments (including all local government councils) that each have their own login and password requirements. What appears to be happening is that Bitwarden thinks they are the one and same so that if I login to one site Bitwarden wants to update the password for another site (first one in my list, it seems). Am I doing something wrong?

For each vault entry, change the URI match detection from default/base domain to “Host”.


Wow, what a fast response. Thank you. I hadn’t seen that option, but I’ve now found it and will give it a try.