Default "base domain" matching doesn't match a website


I have “Base Domain” matching set as default matching. But when I visit this (and few other websites), my passwords don’t show up as a suggestion.

I don’t have any website in “excludes”. In the entry setting, matching is set to default.

What should I check and change?

Can you double check if the URI entry is definitely set to base domain?

It is set to default like all other entries. And default is set to base domain in th edge plugin.

That’s odd. Can you try adding “” with host match detection and see if it works?

When I add this it works.
But I wanted it to work on all subdomains automatically.

I’ve been able to replicate this issue with multiple options on the domain and other than having the full host I don’t believe it worked to get anything with a domain. Not sure if this is a bug on Bitwarden’s part, or something with the domain as even ICANN Lookup give an error: “TLD_NOT_SUPPORTED”

Not sure if there would be a single login for every single service offered under such as a SSO scenario for a type of “national ID” of sorts or not, but if the goal is to use a single login entry across multiple sub-domains as mentioned you may try something like a regex expression, I am not an expert on this by any means but I was able to quickly test and verify


this will match anything with URL two sub-domains deep


You can also do the same for a single sub-domain with


If you add both to the login entry it should pick up for majority of sites under the domain as I can tell it appears they only use either a single sub-domain or two sub-domains deep.
Note: This also only checks against sub-domains with characters a-z and I do not believe would work if the sub-domain contained special characters or numbers, but does not appear to be the case in these subdomains offered by
i.e. or as examples would not

Thank you very much. I have 400 accounts and I noticed this error on about 20-50.

Is this something that can be reported to DEV team? If yes. Then where to do it?

You can report the issue to Bitwarden here:

Is it because is a TLD, similar to or

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I’m not as well-versed as y’all on this particular issue, but @Hooch could you try putting this site into your password record/entry and see if it works ?

https :// www .gov .pl (spaces were added to remove the hyperlink formatting, pls remove the spaces when entering it into your record)


PS Welcome to Bitwarden!! Nice to see you here!