Multiple sites/apps using the same login

I work in IT for a very large company with hundreds of applications. I use a password manager to keep track of them all.

I am wondering about the ability to have a user/pass associated with multiple entries.

For example, some sites require just my Windows login. So for application ABC and XYZ, I want it to point to my Windows login entry. That way whenever I update my Windows login entry, I won’t have to change it on application ABC and XYZ as well.

I came from using Keepass, and it had this feature. Now I find myself greatly missing it.

I have perused the forums, but I can’t seem to find anything on it. I’m surprised as I would think other people would want this as well. So it’s quite possible, being new to BitWarden, that I am overlooking something.


Yes, absolutely you can do this in Bitwarden. Here is what you want to research a bit:

And we just had a recent discussion about this in the forums that you might find interesting:

Essentially, what you want to do is have one login item in your BW vault for each credential (user/password) that you use, and then add any URIs that are associated with that credential. Pay specific attention to how BW handles domains vs. subdomains vs. app URIs. It is pretty easy and powerful, once you get it figured out. Cheers!

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Thanks so much for your reply, David. Much appreciated!

I think I’m understanding what you are saying with essentially just creating 1 entry with a username/password, and then associating website1, website2, app1, app2, etc URI’s with that particular login.

However, I already have a database full of separate credentials for different apps and websites.

I’m hoping rather than having to rebuild all that, I can just update the usernames and passwords to reference another entry. I’m less concerned with the auto-fill, and more hoping that when I click the copy button on the username for app ABC, it copies the username for my Windows login.

I hope that makes sense. If it’s not something that’s feasible, I’ll have to look at updating and compiling all of them like you said. It’ll be a lot of work but it’s probably past time to do so anyway!

Thanks again for your help!

Yes, it can be a lot of work - I went through that also, when I switched over to Bitwarden. But it was worth it.

I just did it one entry at a time as I encountered them, and it wasn’t a huge burden. Hope you are able to make it work for you! Cheers!

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