(SOLVED) Biometric browser unlock, am I doing it wrong?

Hey mates!

I’m having a hard time configuring the biometric unlock on my chrome extension (mac). I’m not sure I’m doing it right.

How I think it should behave (once extension is locked):

  • Click on extension button
  • Click on “Unlock with biometrics” button
  • Put my finger
  • Voila!

This is how it works for other apps implementing fingerprint security, and it’s great.

Here is what I get instead: (all the time)

  • Click on extension button
  • Click on “Unlock with biometrics” button
  • ERROR DIALOG SHOWN: “Connection with desktop app interrupted” (sometimes another error in a red snackbar)
  • Click on the same “Unlock with biometrics” button again
  • A new dialog shows up, asking me to go validate the link between extension and desktop app
  • Switch window to desktop app
  • Put my finger
  • Switch window again to browser
  • Click extension button
  • Voila

The above is the simplest one, sometimes I have an error and I have to manually go to app and unlock the app first, then go back to extension and do the above steps…

Pretty annoying… AND harder than just type the password…


Thanks for your help!

It sounds like you may have this option enabled:

Require verification for browser integration

Enable an additional layer of security by requiring fingerprint phrase validation when establishing a link between your desktop and browser. When enabled, this requires user intervention and verification each time a connection is established.

If you uncheck that option and the desktop app is running, the flow will be like your first option :+1:

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I tried that and it seems to work pretty good.

Thank you so much, this saves me! I must have clicked on that option thinking it was needed to work properly.

BTW, not sure what kind of unsafe use case could come up by disabling it? :thinking:


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