Cannot enable the biometric unlock feature in the browser extension?

I cannot enable the biometric unlock feature in the browser extension. I keep getting the message: you must first enable desktop biometrics in the settings. However, this is already set. Where then could the problem lie?

Try this:

  • disable biometrics in the extension and the desktop app
  • re-enable it in the desktop app; manually lock and unlock with biometrics to test
  • re-enable it in the extension and test it too

Let us know if that works! Cheers.


Does it work if you turn off “Require verification for browser integration” in the settings and then repeat the steps I mentioned above?


As you can see, biometrics is enabled in the desktop program.
Maybe I should uninstall and reinstall everything?


As you can see, biometrics is turned on in the desktop program while I get the message that this is not the case.

Have you been successful at using fingerprints to unlock the desktop app? You will have to do that before you can unlock the extension.

How can I check that?

Just open the Desktop App on your computer. Chances are it is already locked. If not, then be sure you are logged in, and then manually lock it (Menu → File → Lock).