Fingerprint verification on Chrome/Vivaldi WITHOUT desktop app necessary

Why do I have to open the desktop app and verify on that before then verifying on the chrome addon.
Very annoying.

Thank you for your post!

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Hi @Mark_Palmos, welcome!

If you uncheck the “Require verification for browser integration” you won’t be prompted each time and the connection will persist even after you close your browser :metal:

I have uploaded a video to show the issue. I don’t have that checked in settings…

The issue is the desktop app was not running in the background which is necessary for biometrics to work. Have the desktop app launch on startup to the system try (you can set it so it doesn’t ask for biometrics on launch). After this your browser integration will work without needing to unlock the desktop app.

Currently you are launching the desktop app, which is set to unlock via biometrics on launch resulting in the double login.

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Thanks. I will try that, though I do like to minimise startup apps…

Same, but unfortunately having the Desktop App installed (and fingerprint unlock enabled in it) is required for browser fingerprint unlock to work,

uMAniclo, do you know if it is possible to use only a pin number on the browser if I do not have a fingerprint reader (as on my desktop computer).
When I open the desktop app, I have set it to accept a pin number, and I have also set it so that verification is not required for the browser… I have set the browser settings to use a pin number. I have also set it to lock at 72 hours… but yet every time I close the browser and re-open it, the browser version requires the master password again! So it seems in this case, when using a pin number instead of a fingerprint, logging in once on the desktop app does nothing to allow me in the browser app.

Is that correct, is there no way to avoid a master password log in on the browser if I don’t have a fingerprint reader on it?


Yes, there is an option for a PIN only unlock for the browser extension. I believe this is independent of anything in the the Desktop App.

This gave me a heart attack. You should never have your vault unlocked for this long.

But the pin on the browser extension does not work! I keep getting asked for the full master password. HERE IS A VIDEO to see this problem.
LOL about the 72 hours… just shows how desperate I am to NOT have to enter the master password so often!

Hi @Mark_Palmos - when you enable the PIN, there is a prompt that asks if you’d like to use your Master Password after restarting Bitwarden. Make sure to select ‘no’ and you’ll find the PIN does remain in effect :slight_smile:

To change this setting, disable the PIN and re-enable it :+1:

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Ah, thanks, that works!
Hmm… but I think this very weird. Why would you choose PIN if you wanted to over-ride that (as set by default) with the master password!?

At very least the settings should not default to have you need to re-enter the master password. Surely if you wanted that you would not choose to gain entry using a pin?

@Mark_Palmos the idea is that you may want a PIN for unlocking your vault throughout the day - and the pin may be easy, say, 4,5,6 digits.

However, once you close your browser, or something similar, you may prefer to have to enter your longer and more secure Master Password.

In this case, we default to the highest level of security and authentication.