(Solved) Accessing Organization while logged in and using FireFox Addon

I am fairly new to BitWarden. I have an account and so does my wife. We have some logins that we share and so I created an two person Organization in my Web Vault to do so.
Shared some items to it. Invited her to join it.
After closing the web vault I went back to using it in my Firefox Add-on as usual but do not seem to be able to find the Organization in the add-on.

Welcome, @Steve-CC!

With organizations, you don’t ‘see’ them in the clients, just the collections that you are assigned. If you look in the ‘My Vault’ tab, you’ll see Collections at the bottom. You’ll assign those collections to users and thus, those users will have access to the content of those collections.

Here are a couple of helpful articles about Organizations:

Hope that helps!

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That helped - thanks.
Sure enough - at the bottom below all of my Favorites, Types and Folders there it was Collections.

Excellent! If you’re looking at items in your Vault, anything with the ‘share’ icon next to it is from your collection.

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