How to see what organization a password belongs to?

I have just moved my wife from LastPass to Bitwarden, and started using organization to share some passwords between us. Probably I just don’t know where to look, but how can I see, in Chrome extension, if a password is shared with an organization and with whic one? So far the only indicator I’ve found is that an already shared password cannot be “moved to organization”, unlike the unshared entries.

Hello @texnic - welcome to the community forums!

Yes, this is easy to do. If you open the extension and click on My Vault, scroll all the way down in the list of folders to the bottom - that is where your organization’s collections will appear (collections are a bit like folders for organizations). You can click on any collection to see what items are stored within.

You can also go into any folder and see what items are there. If an item has a little 3D box icon to the right of it, it is shared from a collection. If you open the item and scroll down to the bottom, it will tell you what collection it is shared from.

This is a screen capture from the web vault, but I think you will see the similarity to the browser extension immediately.

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Hello David, thanks for your response. It serves the purpose.

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