No action available after select in Organisation Vault

What can I do if I select items in Organisation Vault? I’d like to add them to my Collection but there is no option to do that. In fact no option to do anything. (Firefox browser in Linux Mint)

Hello @rustle - you might find this series of Bitwarden videos very helpful as you learn about managing organizations:

Actually the video wasn’t much help. This video is targeted at Enterprise. I didn’t explain that I am just trying to set up BW for myself and wife to share all passwords. After some trialling I find that I have no need for collections at all. All my imported items from Lastpass are in our organization and can be accessed without problems by me or my wife.

I have discovered that all items in the organization are either in the collection I set up or in the default Unassigned collection. So collections appear to just be a kind of split into folders. I’ve decided to delete the collection I set up.

I tried to help, man - sorry that you were displeased with that. Why not just read the help pages to learn what you need to know?

Sorry I wasn’t trying to complain about your help, I’m grateful for it. My fault that I didn’t explain properly what I was trying to do and what sort of account I am setting up. Apologies.

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