Where to store shared items, organisation or collection

My wife and I just want to use one shared set of passwords but I’m confused about how to use organisations and collections. Reading the help articles I gather that these need to be in an organisation and a joint collection.

We have the free plan (although quite prepared to pay a subscription if it’s the best solution).

I have imported all our items from Lastpass and set up an organisation which we are both members of, and a joint collection.

Saving a login so it is available to both of us appeared difficult - as follows:

When I logged into my gmail account it didn’t offer to save the password (firefox extension in Linux Mint). So I logged out then when logging back, before entering the password I created an item using the extension (typing my user id and password into the Bitwarden box) which I could then use to log in (although I had to switch between organisation and vault).

I then found the item in my personal vault (don’t really want a personal vault just all shared items). So I moved it to our joint collection since I don’t seem to be able to move it into our organisation.

Question 1: is this the usual method or is there a simpler way to save a credential and have it available to both of us?

Question 2: how do I get all the imported items into the collection or don’t I need to do this (in which case why do I need a collection?) There only seems an option to move to another collection.

Hey there, the web vault provides a great view for easily seeing what items are in what vault. You can also easily multi-select and move from individual vault to an organization vault.

When creating an item, be sure to scroll down to the bottom to choose whether it goes to individual or organization, in a future version, this will be moved to the top of the vault item for easy access.

Yes it seems the web version is more capable than the Firefox extension. I didn’t manage to create a new item from the site’s login page every time, sometimes it seemed to work sometimes not even after it asked if I wanted to save the login. So when changing passwords it seems necessary to copy and paste it on some text editor in case it gets lost in the process.

Can you answer Question 2 in my post?

If there are items you don’t need to share, you can leave them in your individual vault, if others will need access, be sure to move it to the organization by moving/adding it to a collection. Let me know if that helps or feel free to provide more detail.

I really want to create all new items in the organization but I expect I’ll accidentally allow it to default to creating it in my own personal vault. Do I have to add it to a collection in order to get it into the organization or can I just move it directly to the organization without going via a collection?

You can move it directly to the organization. If you don’t specify a collection, it ends up in the default collection (i.e., unassigned).

Ok thanks for the confirmation. I’m liking BW a lot now I’ve got more experience in its use, can’t find any problems at this point.

@dh024 I just tried to move an item I created in my personal vault (by accident) to our organization. In the “MOVE TO ORGANISATION” panel it lists our organisation and then underneath it says “COLLECTIONS There are no collections to list”. When I hit the blue Save nothing happens, it stays in my personal vault. It’s true I don’t have any collections defined but I thought that was irrelevant. When I tried it before when I had set up a collection it didn’t work then either.

My apologies @rustle - it appears you may need to create at least one collection to move items into an organization. My apologies - not sure why I remembered that incorrectly.

Ok, no problem. I have created a collection and successfully transferred items from my personal vault into the organisation using that collection. So there are 3 items in the new collection and the rest of the organisation is in unassigned. I’m hoping that this split doesn’t affect the way we can use these items.

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