Sharing credentials vs using an organization


  • I want my wife and I to have a common place to store passwords
  • I created a free Bitwarden account and set up a bunch of folders and associated identities, cards, and logins. All the info we’ll need.
  • These items will be used/shared by me and my wife
    QUESTION, Should I:
  • [A] create an organization and collections, put vaults items in collections, get my wife to create a user id and add her to the org or
  • [B] just give her my credentials (no organizations or collections)


Hey Robert, take advantage of the free 2 person organization (2 free collections to organize unlimited items) most of the time you will be autofilling, and it will be messy if you can’t choose which options to autofill in each of your own clients. Then anything you share can go in an organization collection.

Also good to note the keyboard shortcut: Ctrl/CMD + Shift + L Auto-fill, press again to cycle through matching logins

Sharing credentials vs using an organization
Hello dwbit, Thanks for your feedback, it’s much appreciated.
I think I’m missing the whole point of an organization & collections.
The Bitwarden doc says:

In a lot of ways, collections are like the folders you might use to organize your individual vault. A key difference is that items that belong to your organization must be included in at least one collection.

My current folder hierarchy looks something like:

  • Home
  • Identities
  • My Financials
    – Banking
    – Brokerags
    – Credit Card
    – Insurance
  • Other
    – Data Storage
    – Tech Ed

Question: If, as the doc says, collections are like folders then a) why use them b) what functionality does using org/collection enable that I couldn’t do without them?

I’m sure I’m missing the key benefit of using an org/collection and that they’re really useful but so far I’m not quite getting it.
Also, I’m fine using the paid version of Bitwarden if that would be better than the free version with respect to orgs/collections.


A folder is more like a tag for your personal view only and can included items from both your individual vault and organization vault. In the future, this will be replaced by vault item labels.

Shared items must be moved into a collection within the organization for sharing functionality.

Hopefully you won’t think I’m hijacking this discussion for my issue, but I think my question is relevant and pertinent. I followed the organization blog post to set up an organization in my $10-a-year premium individual account. My object was to have a single family organization in which I would put all my vault items, and then grant access to that organization to my wife, so we can have two logins (and separate 2FA methods) but share all the passwords.

When I tried to do that, I got an error that encrypted attachments were not permitted. I do have plenty of attachments in my vault, and we need to be able to share them. Does this mean I have to upgrade to a $3.33-a-month family plan, to get the storage in the shared organization?


I think the answer is Yes as Pricing for Individuals and Families | Bitwarden says Premium account gets 1GB Personal encrypted storage and Families Organization gets 1GB Personal and 1GB for Organizational Items