Users in an organization don't see shared logins

I have created an organization in my account have shared some logins with family members.
However, when I login as one of these family members, I cannot see the organization nor the logins I have shared with this organization.
What am I doing wrong or do not understand?
I expect, when I log in an as one of the users in this organization, that I can see the shared logins.
Thanks for your help.

When you log in as one of the other users, can you see the organization on the right side of the Web Vault? If not - you’ll need to log in as your account and ‘confirm’ the users. More on that here:

If you can see the organization from their user accounts, you’ll need to make sure that those users are assigned to the organization. Some more on that topic here:

Hopefully, that gets you back on track!

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Confirmation did the trick. Thanks! All good now