Single lock/unlock status between desktop app and browsers extensions

On the pc I am writing from, I have Bitwarden installed four times:

  • the official destkop app
  • the browser extension in Firefox
  • the browser extension in Edge
  • the browser extension in Chrome

All four installations act independently as far as locking/unlocking goes, so even if I set the autolock timeout to 4 hours on all of those, I quite frequently have to retype the password because I close and switch browsers.

It would be a way nicer experience if all those installations on the same pc could maintain a single unlock session.

  • Unlocking from any should unlock all
  • Locking any (manually or via timeout, but not by closing the browser) should lock all
  • Opening any browser while the desktop app is unlocked should show the Bitwarden extension as already unlocked

The machinery should be in place since as I understand biometric unlock from desktop browsers, recently implemented, relies on communication between the browser extensions and the desktop app.

By the way I can’t use biometric unlock: my company pc disables Windows Hello by policy, and my home pc does not have a fingerprint scanner or a supported webcam (no infrared and depth capabilities).

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