Biometric authentication/sync unlockstates between webrowser and desktop clients

Hi guys new to bit warden and switched from 1password. Kinda an idea (idk if this can be implemented) but is it possible to add bio metric authentication to the desktop app and use the desktop app to auto unlock the extension?

In the 1password desktop app and browser extension (1password X) the browser extension query the desktop app for bio-metrics to unlock then unlocks the browser extensions and auto locks the desktop app and browser extensions respectively. This could theoretically bypass the electron bio metrics problem. Just a food for thought :slight_smile:.

Then again the current bitwarden

Upvoting this too. 1Password has implemented this feature this week and it really made my life easier than before.

Idea is, unlock desktop client first, and it will communicate with browser extensions and unlock / lock them according to the desktop app status.

Really miss this feature from 1Password since switching to Bitwarden. Makes life way easier and eleminates redundancy :raised_hands:t2: