Bitwarden Desktop app to integrate better with browser extension

If the Bitwarden desktop app is installed and running in the background, it should be able to communicate with a Firefox (or other) browser extension, so that it is not necessary to unlock the vault after each time the browser is closed. As it is now, even if the vault timeout is set to 1 hour and it was just unlocked a minute ago, once the browser window is closed, then opened again a few seconds after, Bitwarden has already locked. If the Bitwarden desktop app is running anyway in the background (which is optional), it could make itself useful by holding the timeout open, while a browser is closed and reopened (assuming within the time specified).
Further, if a login is launched from the Bitwarden desktop app, it is then neccesary to enter the PIN a second time, once to open the Bitwarden desktop app and then again to unlock the browser extension, even if all that was done in 30 seconds.
And the timeout should not blindly expire once the time is met. Bitwarden should be able to tell that since the last time it was unlocked, another login or form has been filled since and then reset the timeout to the last time of Bitwarden use. Or even better, monitor the computer for idle and as long as it is not idle, keep extending the timeout.

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