Login to browser extensions when logging into desktop app and vice versa

It would be nice if signing into the app would also sign into any browser extensions running or the other way around. Syncing the extension/app lock would be a nice bonus. Coming from Dashlane, it is the main feature I miss.

There is already at least one duplicate of this post, unfortunately I’m unable to find it.

It is a very missed feature.

Agreed. Very frustrating. How to we vote to get that enhancement?

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I think (can’t remember for sure) that I had this with Lastpass? Would love this in BitWarden.

I downloaded the desktop app thinking it would do that.

I separate my work from my personal life by using multiple browsers. I hate to have to type in my crazy long password twice every single day (sometimes multiple times a day).

This is probably the only feature I miss from Lastpass.


Agreed. I don’t use multiple browsers but multiple Chrome Personas, with the same consequence—having to type my master password multiple times a day.

Just started using Bitwarden, switched from 1Password. I was surprised when i logged into the desktop app, only to find out I couldn’t use my Chrome extension without logging in again. Definitely would like to have the ability to log into the desktop app and the extensions not require a separate login.

I’d like this too, but definitely should be an option. On my office computer, I have my business account logged into the browser extension and my personal account on the desktop app and I’d like to keep it that way. On my personal computer, I’d definitely would prefer that signing into the app would also sign into the browser extension(s).

Definitely my most requested feature for Bitwarden. It’s perfect in every other regard, but this seemingly small addition would be amazing!

I have been waiting for this since beginning to use Bitwarden. I work in programming and I use 3-4 different browsers repeatedly throughout the day. It’s super annoying switching between them and then having to re-log in all the time. Enpass would allow detection that if the Desktop application was unlocked, it would allow you to be logged in already.

Can we get some insight on this? As a developer I often jump between Chrome, Firefox, Brave, etc. When I have to log into a site, I have to re-log into Bitwarden in every single browser. I often close the browser to free up desktop space/memory. Necessitating the need to re-login frequentl.

It’s getting so annoying now, that I am honestly thinking of jumping ship to Lastpass, because I know there is this cohesion between the browser/desktop app. I don’t have to constantly re-log in.

I don’t LIKE Lastpass, but that’s how much this feature means to me. It frequently disrupts my work flow to not have it. Please, can this be looked at?

Thats the only thing bugging me since switching to Bitwarden.

not sure how to link requests but same here

This has been requested before but in a (maybe) confusing way and didn’t get much attention. I’ll try to do better.

The requested feature:

Add the ability for the browser extension and the desktop app to “talk” with one another so they would lock/unlock together.

The desired outcome:

When we unlock the browser extension, the desktop app would unlock as well (assuming it is already running) and, conversely, when the desktop app locks because, say, the system is put to sleep, the browser extension would lock too.

It seems weird (read hazardous) to me that the browser extension be still unlocked when the computer wakes from sleep. Am I paranoid?

Yes, please. Coming from 1Password to Bitwarden. If the user has a STRONG password for Bitwarden, they’re logging in minimum of 2x a day (once for app, once for browser extension) it is much more cumbersome and encourages WEAKER Bitwarden master passwords.

Really users must login more often: when timed out, using another browser, after restating…

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Out of curiosity, what pushed you away from 1Password? And what attracted you towards Bitwarden?

Mainly, the cost of Teams for 1Password $4-$8 per user per month vs Bitwarden ~$1-$3 per user per month.

I see good reviews (iOS app store 4.9 stars) and come across a few articles praising Bitwarden. Helpful that Bitwarden is cross platform and web interface. Mainly use macOS and iOS but good for BYOD employees.

Me too… It would be very nice to unlock one with the other. :+1:

1Password has two extensions available, one of which (1PasswordX) is distinct from the app’s. IMHO, 1PX is much handier then the app extension, but like Bitwarden’s extension, it presently cannot “speak” with the app (at least Windows) version. With respect to Bitwarden, I much prefer it’s desktop navigation over the (Chrome) extension, and I access it through the tray icon. At the moment, I’m considering which tool to adopt.

Am I correct that I can’t log in to a site from the app unless the extension is logged in first? I just tried and, as I expected, the context menu login requires log on through the extension. I’m not sure what would happen if I had tried to access a site at which Bitwarden (app) autofilled my creds.