Login once via desktop app to unlock multiple browsers

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Hi - is it possible for me to login once using the BW desktop app and then when using mutiple browsers, not have to keep entering the master password to unlock the vault on each one? Also sometimes I find restarting a browser fixes lagginess and then I have to enter the master password yet again.

Hi @MrB, the vault timeout settings can be customized or set to ‘never’. You can also enable biometrics on a supported device.

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Tx for the reply. But surely the browser vault timeout set to ‘never’ would remove all BW security!

Also I don’t have a biometric device on my PC. My phone does have one but that doesn’t seem to work on my other devices.
I guess it needs a browser vault timeout setting of ‘Set by BW app master’.

Currently, the Bitwarden apps/clients are not coordinate regarding logins, so you are forced to login to and unlock each client individually. There is an ongoing feature request to change this, if you want to add your vote to support it:

And by the way, you don’t have to always enter your master password every time your vault has locked. It is far more convenient to setup a short PIN or use biometrics to unlock it. I think that is what most Bitwarden users do.

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Tx for the FR link.

However I thought the pin had to be set each time as it says "Your PIN settings will be reset if you ever fully log out of the application. " and given my vault timeout is “on browser restart” it wouldn’t help decrease the frequency of entering the master password.

You are confusing a locked vault with “fully logging out of the application”. Set your vault timeout action to Lock instead of Log Out, and then setup either Unlock with PIN or Unlock with Biometrics. So much more convenient than having to re-enter your master password every time you want to unlock your vault. It is safe, too - after 5 failed attempts to unlock, Bitwarden automatically logs out the client.

Tx for the suggestion, although I already had vault timeout set to Lock.

I’m afraid I’ve read the Unlock with PIN article several times but I find the whole thing very confusing. I think it’s because the info is presented in a form of “all about everything” when all I really want to know is what the user interface be regarding use of PIN or master password with all the various settings.

I’m confused by the terms used e.g. vault timeout, log out, unlock etc. as the explanations offered are all in terms of the internal BW operations, when I just want to know what I need to do and how often if I restart PC, log out of Windows, restart browser etc.
Is there an article which explains that?