Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections (nested inheritance)


It would be nice to be able to create folders and sub-folders inside collections.
This would allow to sort passwords in a very convenient manner.
Every user sharing this collection would then see the folders structure of the collection, be able to create / modify / delete folders, put passwords inside them… everything would then be synced between all users sharing the collection.

Think about for example a company managing passwords to access their customers’ services / infrastructures…
Each customer is a collection.
And inside a collection, we would then be able to create a “servers” folder, a subfolder “mail”, a subfolder “web” etc… Another folder “portals” etc…

Thank you very much !

Edit : more or less related to this request : Sub-folders (nested folders) to organize vault - #19 by lbodnyk-iss-na-com

Hi, that would be a very recomended feature for us aswell, as we have to organise a lot of secrets within the same collection.

Good alternative is just share folders. No collections then needed. Moreover, collections work weird. Removing item from collection doesn’t stop it from being shared.

AFAIK this is not possible. The only way to share items is individually, or through collections.

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I agree with Mart124. In organizations it’s easier to manage permissions when you assign collections on a per-team basis. Some teams use lots of passwords/notes, so it would be more convenient to add folders/subfolders as an option.

Right now if you wanted to organize things, you would have to change the name so the alphabetical sorter would group items together. Still not a very clean approach.

Same here … I whould love to have this too

My organisation really needs this!

I am very interested in this feature as well. This seems like a no-brainer. I am transitioning from LastPass, and there I can simply share a complete folder structure.

For Bitwarden, I think it would be great to simply add a complete folder structure, or multiple individual folders and subfolders directly to a collection. In this manner, sharing the organizational structure of password database elements becomes a lot simpler, and faster, as well as easier to maintain.

I am disappointed to see this was suggested almost 2 years ago, and this feature is still not available.

I am finding BitWarden to be much easier to use than LastPass, but this is a missing feature that should have already been implemented.

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I am currently implementing Bitwarden as a POC in my organisation. Not having the ability to create a folder structure inside of collections really is a bummer. We are planing to move from KeePass where we use one databse for each department and team.

Bitwarden was supposed to solve this - now we’re stuck with a simmular situation where for the same workflow we need to share one account with the appropiate folder-structure. Looking at the ammount of logins and stored information inside of current keepass databases with the appropiate folders, it would make aboslutley no sense to put all of these logins into one unsorted dump (collection).

Like @TecMunky i am quite surprised that this feautre has not been implemented yet. We are already paying a customers (scope of poc) and tbh didn’t even check if this feature is availibe as it seemed so basic.

I know that it is possible to use nested collections - but they are hard to use and not every user can create new sub-collections.


I haven’t seen how to do it from the client, but you can manage that from the web interface. Just create a new collection ‘Collection/Folder’, which will nest that folder under the appropriate collection. For example:

Hopefully this will help


Just want to point out that I’d like to see the ability to add folders in collections for family members. Sharing credentials between family members is kind of a disorganized mess, without the ability to nest folders in the collections. … but maybe I’m doing it wrong?

This would be HUGE for us! We really do need the ability to be able to group our passwords. Just between 2 departments, we have roughly 3000 passwords. Folders are a HUGE deal for us!

Pretty please! :slight_smile: Subfolders are pretty awesome as well!

Echoing Mart124, I would also like to see this feature implemented.

I’m also here to say this would be a very helpful feature in our organization.


This is also an issue for my company. We have two main problems with how nested collections work now:

  1. While we can have nested collections, we don’t want to have to explicitly set permissions on each collection. We’d like to have children collections inherit the permissions of the parent so that anyone with access to the parent collection will automatically have access to all subsequent child collections.
  2. We would like to allow team members with permissions to the parent collection to create/modify/remove sub collections. This would allow team members to have agency in organization password management without giving them admin access.

PUSH! The feature-request to inherit ACLs via collections is a must!

We already have > hundred collections, hiearchical strcture, only a few (main)-collections and hundreds of (sub)-collections “child”-collections…

Inheritance of Collections

  • less administration effort (since you only need to set ACLs for a few (main)-collections
  • more overview of ACLs since only a few (main)-collections need to be reviewd
  • automatic inheritance improves overall administration for (sub)-collections

+1 Push!
The same request.
Dear dev-team can you schedule this feature in the roadmap?

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This feature is DEFINATELY a must. Even the cheapest /free password systems like Teampass have this feature. We bought a license some time ago and still struggling to migrate from our previous system, becaue we have about 600 collections.

Still no news on this? Why? It makes the whole System unnessesary complex. No end user will ever understand that.