Sharing: Folders, what's shared, what isn't, and share all

I’d like an easy way to always share everything in a folder, to see what’s shared/not shared, and/or a share all option, please.

We also came from family sharing in LP, and the ‘share folder’ structure was much more intuitive for families/households. I created folders of passwords and shared them how I wanted. Any logins I created in the folder was automatically shared. I was able to select ALL of my passwords and add them to the folder in one bulk move.

In BW, we have to remember to share each and every individual password we create after we create and save it (not during creation). This, of course, leads to some passwords accidentally not being shared… and there’s no easy way to find the shared and unshared items, which then leads to frustrating, time wasting texts and phone calls of “do you have a password for this site and can you please make sure it’s shared?”

Please consider this feature request. Thank you!

Welcome, @Storm!

Within Bitwarden, we call our shared folders Collections. When an item is added to a Collection, it’s automatically shared with everyone that Collection is shared to.

Here’s some documentation on it: Sharing | Bitwarden Help & Support

Let me know if that helps clarify, or if there is an additional use-case we’re missing :slight_smile:

Sorry, doesn’t help me. Not really the problem I described. I added some formatting to the original post. Please let me know if I can clarify anything else. Thanks!

Make sense! Thanks for the feedback!

We have an existing topic open here: Folder/Collection selection for new Items

And there is actually a wonderful community contribution in progress that should add part of this functionality here: Select folder at save bar by dm3ch · Pull Request #1409 · bitwarden/browser · GitHub

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Thanks! Yes, it’s a little more than a single feature implementation. Having the ability to select the folder when saving from the notification bar would be a great start. Looking forward to that implementation!

Sorry the request isn’t more detailed, but being new to BW, I’m still catching on to all of the terms.

Would still need a way to find all existing shared/not shared items and then a way to bulk share them (my spouse and I share all of our passwords).

And it would be another feature to be able to share at time of creation from within the creation pop up box.

Thanks for finding those posts. I added them to tracking and voted on open posts. I searched a few times but didn’t find anything that seemed relevant due to noobness. :blush:

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The folder save bar addition is welcome and long overdue feature.

Though I think you’ve missed the key feature request here. We can’t assign a folder to an organisaton or a collection. Collections are used for permissions not sorting. I don’t want 20 collections that all are assigned to the same person or people. I want one collection that can contain folders so we can sort things. I also want the folder Family in my vault to be the same as a folder called Family in a collection. That way I know every item I save into family will automatically be added to the collection and shared to the right people.

Sharing at the folder level is something pretty much every other password manager supports, and it’s enough of a pain that I’m seriously thinking about moving my family to a new product (a not insignificant amount of work). At the moment I have far too many moments when my non-technical family think they’ve shared an item with me because they put it in the folder Family that meant it was shared in our previous password manager.

All this also leads to the next thing, which is sharing one item to multiple collections. That would be amazing.


Shared folders is exactly the missing thing, and is why I don’t use family subscription, but log my wife into the same account now. With all my work accounts in it, nevertheless. Just because, simple collection functionality is not satisfying at all.

I just want to be able to create a folder ‘Webshops’ and ‘Webshops-family’ (which is shared). So, it is easy to choose right folder, to get a login shared or not!

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@tgreer The issue with using collections this way is summarized nicely here: