How can I use nested folders inside collections?

Hey everybody.

I just want to make our password database at glance so maybe here present the way how to implement nesting inside collections?

For example, we have a collection called “Coca-Cola ltd.”

I want to share passwords with my colleagues but with some structure as in nested folders


Maybe somebody knows?

It’s not yet possible unfortunately. I have the same need as you do, i just name the items with a prefix for what it is and the search feature in the interim. It works but its messy

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Ohhh…got it! Sad and pitty, maybe you have seen this as a future request in some of the quaters?

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The ability to share folders/nest them within collections is definitely common :slight_smile:

Here are a couple of related requests:

@tgreer You mean like this: Shared (sub)folders to organize items inside collections - #15 by Alipp


What are our options until this is implemented?
So far I’ve seen the following suggestions:

  • Use a single collection and prepend something to the name of each entry for better searching
  • Duplicate the parent collection permissions on all sub-collections
  • Share a user account

Any other workarounds would be appreciated since each of the above require significant management overhead and side-effects.

One more option:

  • Create multiple organizations and make all users Managers of the organization