Separate Master Password

With a premium account, and two users, can each user have a separate master password for their specific vault/collection; or, is this only available in Families?

You are not supposed to share an account with other users. Each individual Bitwarden account has a single email address, a single master password, and is supposed to be used by a single person.

For two users, either set up two Premium accounts, or one Premium and one Free account. Then create a free “Organization” vault, and invite the other user to join the Organization. If either of you transfer ownership of a vault item to the Organization (or create a new vault item owned by the Organization), then you can set up this item to be viewable (and/or editable) by both users.

Thank you, but I’m not sure that I understand. If I have a premium account, then set up a free account for another person, they can have their own email and master password; and I can then send certain vault items with them while still retaining those items in my vault.

Or, are you saying that I set up a separate free account for someone else, and then in my premium account I set up a second organization which I then share with the other user. That way they have their own account, master password, and email; but, if I place a vault item into the “shared” organization, then they will have it in their vault?

Do you already have a “first” Organization, set up for other purposes? Unfortunately, the Premium and Free accounts only allow a single free Organization. If you need a separate Organization for purposes of sharing with this other individual, then either the other person would have to create the free Organization from their own account (and invite you to join it), or you would have to look into purchasing a Family plan or a Teams or Enterprise plan (in case the second individual also needs to use their free Organization for other purposes).

It’s like this:

1 person = 1 account (with 1 email address & 1 master password).

When logging in to your account on a Bitwarden app, you may have access to multiple vaults (“vaults” being a container that holds “vault items”, which may be passwords or other secret/sensitive information).

You will always have access to your individual (personal) vault. Any other person, within their own account, will also always have access to their own personal vault. Only you can access vault items stored in your personal vault; likewise, no one can access vault items in the other individual’s personal vault, except for that individual (the account holder).

In addition, while logged in to your account on any Bitwarden app, you will also have access to the Organization vault of any Organization of which you are a member. If two Bitwarden users are members of the same Organization, then they can both access the same Organization vault, and therefore have the ability to use shared vault items (i.e., the vault items belonging to the Organization and stored in the Organization vault). The shared items are not part of either user’s personal vault, yet each person can access (view, and in some cases edit) the shared organizational vault items while logged in the their Bitwarden account.

I hope that this is more clear.

@grb is correct! :+1:

@Lrrr You may find this video I created on Individual and Organization vaults helpful - the page includes a variety of links to different educational resources as well, but I’m also happy to answer any other clarifying questions you may have.

Additionally, while a Premium subscription is applied to only one Account/user, a Families plan applies to an Organization and can grant the same benefits as Premium to up to 6 users.

@grb, @sj-bitwarden
Thanks to you both. Between the explanation and the video, I now understand. Here is what I set up and it works perfectly. A separate free account for my user. My vault with an organization of which we are both members, and a collection to which I grant the user read only access. Your help is greatly appreciated.