How to add a second user with the premium plan?

Hi. I’m new to Bitwarden and i just bought the premium plan. I can’t find how to add a second user. Someone can help me please? Thank you

@mvez73 Welcome to the forum!

The Premium plan is only for a single user.

I think what you may be referring to is the ability to set up a “Free Organization”, which can have up to two members (i.e., you and another Bitwarden user). You can create such an organization if you wish to share passwords with another user (e.g., for a shared Netflix account) — the ability to share vault items is the main purpose of setting up an organization vault.

However, the other member of your organization must already have their own individual Bitwarden account. This could be a Free individual account, if the second person does not need Premium privileges.

If you purchased a Premium subscription thinking that it was a two-person plan, you can contact support within 30 days of your purchase to request a refund.


Thanks for your answer. I saw this in the pricing page:
“Share vault items with one other user”
I thought it was the same thing as the families plan that say:
“Share vault items between six people”

I will keep the premium plan as it’s only 10$ for a year… I’ll just create another account for my daughter. Thanks for your help!

I agree that the language used on the plan pricing page could create confusion.

If it’s only you and your daughter, then getting two premium subscriptions (or one premium and one free account) may be a good solution. If you do want to have shared login items (and if you set up a free organization vault for this purpose), then please note that the shared items will not fall under the Premium plans that you and your daughter will have — e.g., shared vault items (which are owned by the free organization) will not be able to use features such as TOTP generation or file attachments.