Premium but community free, not premium?


So I have a premium account and I have understood that with my premium account I can have two users, for example my wife additionally who will also have premium, since we don’t need to take the family plan now. Hopefully in a few years, but not much sense now. Upgrade done, adding new vault, status: free? How do I add my wife to have the same premium features and that we can share few website or have I misunderstood something here?

Tnx in advance

I’m not sure I have understood your question exactly.

The reference to “2 users” is a reference to the so-called “organization vault”, which allows credentials (e.g., logins) to be shared for use by more than one person. The Free account and the Premium account both allow you to set up one organization vault that can be shared by you and a second user of your choosing. To access the shared items in the organization vault, that second user must first sign up for their own Bitwarden account, which can be either Free or Premium. If the second user of your organization vault has signed up for a Free account, they will not be able to use any of the Premium features associated with your own Premium account.

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Ouh. I see. Thank you. The problem is with all those family plans, they have 5-6 users and I need only one additional. Thank you

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If you want you and your wife to both have access to Premium features, you will need two separate Premium accounts. Then one of you can create an organization, which will allow you to share login credentials or other vault items that you place in the organization vault.


I took a premium account for the sole reason that one of the features advertised was that I could share with one other user. Yet it seems that I can do this with a free account. I’m not sure what the premium account offers me (in respect of sharing with one other person) that the free account would not have given me anyway. Can anyone explain?

Hey @NickyF the chart here shows a breakdown of the free org vs premium.