Two separate windows users 1 computer separate password accts

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My wife and I both use the same desktop computer running up to date Windows 10. I am the admin, she is a ltd user. We always log in separately. She only uses the computer when logged in as herself; I only use it when I’m logged in as myself. We both want completely separate password accounts. We never share any password data, incl master passwords.

I’m not sure which version of bitwarden I should use or try out. “sharing” accounts and data is a non-starter for us. Please help me understand if bitwarden will work the way we both want it to and what “flavor” of it I should download.

Thank you.

Hello @tomseeley and welcome to the community.

For your needs it absolutely sounds as though Bitwarden would perfectly suit your needs.
While Bitwarden does offer the ability to share information between multiple user accounts, this is not something that is enabled by default and can simply not be used if not wanted.

Each user will want to sign up for an account at I recommend using a unique and long passphrase of words rather than simply a “password” for your master password.
You can verify the master password you wish to use has never been included in a leak before by using Have I Been Pwned: Pwned Passwords but if the passphrase has been done sufficiently randomly then it should not have possibly been breached before unless you are reusing passwords.
This will be used to encrypt your personal Bitwarden vault and cannot be recovered in the event it is forgotten, so it is also highly recommend to possibly write this down and place it in a safe, etc.

I highly recommend setting up some form of 2FA login method as well as this will help prevent any unauthorized logins in the case someone were to gain access to your master password.

From there you should be able to start each creating logins for different websites you each have accounts on, or import them from the browser if you have any stored there currently to migrate to Bitwarden.
Once your account is setup, you can access your personal vault any number of ways.
The web-vault as described above will give you access to the most features for your account, but the desktop app can be installed on your PC as well.
Many people also install the browser extension for their relevant browser as this can allow for easy auto-fill on web pages, and you can also access the mobile app for on the go.

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With two different Bitwarden accounts, your vaults and settings will be stored under your own %USERPROFILE%\AppData folders, so you should not notice each others’ accounts at all.

Thank you for this. I suspect it’ll work but so far she hasn’t tried it. If I need more help on this I’ll hit you (plural) back.


How do i close bitwarden? I can’t find a “logout” button in any menu in either the version i open from the taskbar or from my Firefox toobar

why do i always get blocked by sysops whenever i try posting an original question in the ask bitwarden community folder?

In the browser extension, go to Settings (gear icon in lower right corner), then scroll down to the “ACCOUNT” settings, where you’ll find an option to log out of Bitwarden. However, under routine use, most users just lock the vault, instead of logging out completely.

In the Desktop app, go to File>Logout to log out, or File>Quit Bitwarden to close the app (which also locks the vault, but doesn’t log you out).

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Thank you for this. Sorry it took me so long to say so.

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