Dual user or family accounts

If I buy a family plan or paid plan 2 users….do we each get to have our own password and vaults or is this the share everything with everybody ? Ideally I do not want kids using my login etc.

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The above may be a misunderstanding. I think you are referring to an individual Premium plan, which includes as a feature the ability to create an organization, with a limitation that you may invite at most one other Bitwarden account-holder to become a member of your organization (for a total of 2 users in your organization).

Whether you set up an organization through the Family plan (in which the included organization may have up to 6 members) or an individual plan (in which the included organization may only have 2 members), each organization member must also have their own Bitwarden account (with their own login credentials), which always includes a personal vault in addition to the ability to access the organization’s vault.

Please note that if you get the Family plan, this includes individual Premium accounts for every member of the plan. In contrast, if you set up a 2-person organization using an individual Premium plan, this does not include the second account. Thus, the person you want to invite to join your organization would have to set up their own individual Bitwarden account, either by paying for their own Premium plan, or by setting up a Free account (in which case they will not have access to any of the Premium plan features).

The Terms of Use actually specify that any Bitwarden login may only be used by one person, so sharing Bitwarden account credentials is not permitted.

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Thanks. I purchased family plan and sent invites to family members.

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