Search in popup menu and autofill

Would propose to create the popup menu so there would be possible to right click on login window and have search option also there. For example lastpass has there such feature. Sometimes login window is floating and disappears when to open the toolbar button of Bitwarden to search. So even you can search, you cannot autofill as the window disappears when you click on toolbar. Therefore (and not only) it would be helpful if there could be searched in place where right click (context) menu can be opened. Search is especially helpful if there are lots of accounts at one address.
Certainly also autofill would be helpful once the result has been searched. This autofill after search seems to be long-awaited feature - now also in popup menu.

I get where you’re going.

Web extensions: If you click on the top-left arrow icon, Bitwarden opens in new mini window.
This way you can do search there and copy/paste details manually (which, of course, is not that practical and secure).

But “solution” regardless of that :slight_smile: