Reorganize context menu for faster autofill

Currently, if a user wants to use the autofill from the right click in the browser it takes 4 sub-menus to do so. Click>Bitwarden>Autofill>Login name.

This should be reorganized to make it faster to autofill from right click. Click>Bitwarden>Login after the login, the copy username/password submenu can appear. Click>bitwarden>login>copy username/password.

Or even beter, Click > Bitwarden > Directly show matching options
That would be the best for me…


I agree. I’d say if there are fewer than, say, 5 logins for a site, they should simply be presented at the top of the BW context menu (with a horizontal separator after). If there are more than 5, then the existing submenu could be used.