In-field fill and/or save a login

I just started using Bitwarden, coming from LastPass, and really like it so far. The only feature that I am really missing is the little icon in the login or password fields that show the relevant logins saved for the current site or domain. I really like the implementation from 1Password X for this:

Here it is called fill or save a login.

Would be great to see something similar in Bitwarden in the future

Thanks in advance

That’s not a bad feature. However, we should keep in mind that Bitwarden does not look up “advanced” (deeper) data. (At least it’s what I’ve seen so far.)

Kyle told something better in previous discussions. You can see some more info here:

  1. Change Default Search to Wildcard Rather Than Exact Match
  2. Ability to search notes column

There should be more, but that’s what I remembered so far.

While not quite the same as having an icon to click on, you can also right-click the field and select the login you want to autofill with.

This feature is exactly what I’m missing from 1Password, as a new Bitwarden customer. I’m trying to get used to CTRL + SHIFT + L, but I do miss just clicking on the icon in the login field.