UX: Remove Auto-fill level in right-click context menu

This appears to be a single sub menu and thus superfluous. Save one click by eliminating it:

Right-click/Bitwarden/Auto-fill/[select credentials to auto-fill]

Right-click/Bitwarden/[select credentials to auto-fill]


It’s a single submenu only in Firefox. Here’s what you can see in Chrome :

Still, the ‘autofill with credentials’ could be on the top level without the need for an additional sub-menu as it is most likely the most frequently used option.


I agree. The auto-fill menu entries should be on top level.

How about putting the auto-fill entries and the other options in a single menu list (top level):

[matching auto-fill entries]
Copy Username >
Copy Password >
Generate Password (copied)

Then we have all options and don’t waste the 50 milliseconds that feel much longer. :slight_smile: