Return votes after the topic is closed

This is more of a “meta” request about the community forum itself, but can votes be returned automatically when the topic is closed? It would be nice of course to have a history of what I’ve voted on, but not as important as actually being able to vote on new ideas as they come up.

Indeed, I saw in in my profile in the list of Votes that some topics were closed and the votes are still counting (are still blocked).
So I have to manually remove them from closed topics.
The votes should be automatically be removed when a topic is closed.

Agree. so Voted.

Every week i check all my vote and remove my vote from closed thread.

I found this post from Kyle that suggests this is how it’s supposed to work already.

In that topic @kspearrin wrote:

If a feature request is completed and/or a topic is closed, your vote is returned to you and you can use it again.

So votes should automatically be returned after a topic is closed.

This feature is currently bugged in Discourse. See

Thank you for your information @kspearrin