Add "Votes" column in the feature request forum

I know that the software used for this community is made by a 3rd party company.
But in the list of features I miss a column “Votes” so I can sort all topics by voted.
And see what features are most requested.

I’ll look into this a bit more tonight.

Looks like you can just do this:

This is so embarrassing that I have overseen the link at the top. :flushed:

But the reason is simple:
I had a look at these menu buttons when I was at the main page.
Here the “Votes” is not available.
It is only available in the feature-requests.

Just trying to find an excuse for my stupidity :crazy_face:

Might want to submit this request to discourse since I don’t think we can change anything.

It is working, you just have to be in the section “Feature Requests” and not on the main page…

@kspearrin I think this topic can be locked, it is solved.