Allow more than 20 Feature Requests votes

Currently, this site is set to allow only 20 votes for feature requests.

Several people have maxed this out, and are submitting “+1” posts.

Can you increase the number of votes available to 50 or even 100 (one per thread max)?

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I just realized that most of the people who want this can’t vote for it because they are out of votes (including myself)!

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Lol, so true. But I believe this is a question to be asked on Discourse platform itself rather than here.

I’m not really sure if Kyle has control over this, but I think it’s a server-sided limit.

It has been asked on Discourse. Here’s the answer:

It’s completely configurable per trust level. It’s up to @kspearrin to set it to what he sees fit.

I don’t see any harm in raising it. This isn’t the type of discourse where everyone will just upvote everything because they like pictures of cats doing silly things. I take that back. People here might really like pictures cats doing silly things, but there is no such content here on which to vote. :wink:



I tried to resist, but I couldn’t. :tongue:


Do premium customers get more votes?

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No.   :cry:     

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