Popup on Browser startup to unlock vault

is there any way to have Bitwarden automatically ask for the vault unlock directly on the browser startup? It’s a bit annoying that even if you have AutoFill enabled, you have to remind yourself to unlock the vault first thing in the morning before the autofill function is active. In my company this has been complained by many users and would be great if it could be implemented in the addin through an update. thanks!

Hi @Hannes_Egger and welcome to the Community!

This has already been suggested as a feature:

You may want to add your vote and comments there.

What browser do you use? You can set your browser home page to be the unlock screen. For example, in Chrome, it is


To find the appropriate URL for your browser, ensure that your Bitwarden browser extension is locked, then use the Ctrl+Shift+L shortcut. This should launch a new browser tab with a prompt to unlock your vault — copy the URL from the address bar and set it as your homepage.

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