Take me to login on Vault Locked click

Feature name

  • Login from Vault Locked click

Feature function

  • Right now when you are on a website and not logged in with the browser ext when you right click on the login email or pw field → then click BW and → Vault is Locked.
  • When you click on that it should automatically take you to the bitwarden extension login so that you can immediately start typing your password. It does not work this way on mine but if there’s a way to enable this please let me know.
  • not sure if this is even possible to do but i thought i remember Lastpass doing it this way.

This feature request was already asked numerous times.
Using this search and taking a look at the results within 5 minutes I found the topics below and I am pretty sure that there are more:

thank you, i did a quick search and didnt see anything for it, i will check these out. much appreciated.

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I’ve merged the related topics from above - again thanks to @Peter_H for sifting through them!