Autofill shortcut should open login window when vault is locked

As Title says. I usually navigate to a site and try to auto-fill, realize I haven’t unlocked the vault, then have to click on the browser icon to enter master password.

I think this would be a small quality of life improvement.

Unfortunately the browser APIs don’t allow for this.

Would it be possible to open a tab with the login prompt instead?

@kspearrin that is unfortunate, maybe it’s possible to display some kind of notification popup instead, or animate the login form similarly to when it’s filled? (i.e. wiggle sideways to indicate a “no”)

I hate it when I expect something to happen but something else happens instead. It might be more convenient for some, but it jars my brain.

@kspearrin I noticed the 1Password X extension has exactly this behaviour (open popup when pressing shortcut), so it’s definitely technically possible. Unfortunately the source doesn’t seem to be available.

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I came from 1Password, which had this functionality for as long as I can remember. The keyboard shortcut should open the password prompt and then autofill once the correct password is put in.


Just created an account to give this :+1:

I often browse using my keyboard only and it’s really annoying to switch to the mouse to unlock the vault. If some users find the shortcut opening the login disturbing, it could be configurable.

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I have my vault set to lock immediately, so this would make the autofill shortcut a lot more useful.


So, I just commented on this in another thread: Add essential keyboard shortcuts & navigation

But in terms of what @kspearrin said about browser APIs, isn’t this exactly what the Ctrl+Shift+Y shortcut does? So this would be the same thing, having the extension pop up when you press Ctrl+Shift+L, but then just autofill after you press enter confirming your password/PIN.

Here is how I thought it should work:

Currently, I unlock with a PIN, and have it auto lock after 5 minutes. While the vault is unlocked, Ctrl+Shit+L works wonders to just autofill. But when it is locked, I have to click on the extension, type my pin, click the login to autofill, escape out of the extension and then click enter. Here’s my idea for how Ctrl+Shit+L should work when locked:

  1. Open a login page
  2. Press Ctrl+Shift+L
  3. Extension window pops up asking for password/PIN
  4. You type password/PIN, press enter and the extension closes and autofills automatically.

THis would make it being secure (locked) a lot more convenient.

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Here is the issue on Github for reference: