Auto-Type for Windows

Hello there!

I would like you to introduce a more serious approach of a small app I wrote like a year ago, basically it takes care of auto-typing borrowing the ideas from KeePass and also I grabbed the Top 10 of user requests and tried my best to fulfill those.

So I’d love to have some input on the community to improve it (specially documentation as there is none) and get rid of possible bugs.

Besides pre-compiled binaries, the code is in GitHub for anyone to read and it can be easily build with a double click. When installed it can interact with any window in the system meaning that you won’t run into trouble with UAC.

Bitwarden Auto-Type

  • Keyboard shortcuts for auto-typing usernames, passwords and TOTP. The window matching criteria is either by title, window class or URL in the case of browsers.


  • Auto-Type: with predefined and per-case sequences.
  • Supports multiple accounts/windows per site.
  • Favicons can be shown to easily distinct between sites.
  • Quick 6-digit PIN and 2FA (TOTP) unlocking.
  • Universal Window Platform support (Microsoft Store Apps).
  • Browser support: instead of insecure extensions.
  • TOTP generation: via Clipboard and/or hotkey and/or placeholder.
  • Strong Password Generator with entropy indicator.
  • Placeholder for smart detection of text input fields.
  • Two-Channel Auto-Type Obfuscation: global/per-entry.

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Takes care of the following requests:

@kspearrin @tgreer Guys seems like it’ll be welcomed some sort of sign-off from you as people might feel more comfortable. Thanks!