Easier vault unlock without so much clicking?

So I chose to lock my vault after 30mins for higher security (vault timeout).
But now when I visit a website and the vault is locked it is very time consuming to unlock it every time.
Is there any option that if the vault is locked and he detects a website with login credential that he asks me if I would like to unlock the vault and put in the login details? At the moment I have to go up in my browser, open up the Bitwarden Addon, and then click on “unlock”.

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Hello @skrippi and welcome,

I tend to use the keyboard shortcuts when using Bitwarden on the PC.

When in your web browser, if you load a webpage that you have a saved login for. You can use the browser keyboard shortcuts to auto-fill the login. If the extension is locked then a new tab will automatically load to prompt for your master password login. Once entered the tab is closed and you are returned to your open page and the extension will unlock and load your credentials for the page.

You can even make the login process faster with PIN unlock, or biometrics depending on your security profile.


I used to mess with this too, but in the end using PIN unlock is the way to go for me. I can quickly enter 8 digits and not deal with all the customizations. Remember; for security your vault will log you out IF the PIN is entered incorrectly 5 times. That is a safety feature.