Unlocking Vault when browser is launched

Hi There,

I think this will turn out to be a dumb question –

Can I use bitwarden without unlocking the vault. In other words, do i have to unlock the vault with my master password every time I launch a browser? There is no local storing of passwords.


It all depends… are you referring to the web vault, the applications or the extension? All of them have options for locking in the Settings by time (up to 4 hours) and:

  • Web vault: page refresh.
  • Apps: system idle/sleep/lock, app restart or never
  • Browser extension: system lock, browser restart or never

Was the “system lock” option removed from the browser extension since? I only see the timeouts, browser restart, and never options there (version 1.57.0 for Firefox)

The system lock option is only available on some browsers and some OSs that support it, unfortunately.

Oh, that’s a bummer. Is there some hard reason for the extension in modern FF being unable to detect session lock on Win 10?

Good question. You might have to ask the Firefox community for answer to that one, unfortunately.

Will do. And some more words to satisfy the forum’s minimum post length requirement.