Pixel 7 Biometric Unlock

Hey there,

I recently upgraded from a Pixel 5 to a Pixel 7 but I’m missing the biometric (fingerprint) unlock option in the settings. I tried removing fingerprints, readded and reinstalled bitwarden. But the option seems to be gone. Anyone have a similar experience or a fix?


Have you seen this report on reddit ?

At Androidpolice.com I also found this:

So it does seem to work and for that the option has to be present.

yeah saw that, but i miss the whole “unlock with biometrics” option in the settings on that device.

Feel free to reach out to the official support team Get in Touch | Bitwarden or file a bug report on Github for the team to investigate Issues · bitwarden/mobile · GitHub

thanks, I’ll opened up a ticket with the support team.

Was there a fix released for this? Also not seeing the option to enable biometrics in the app settings.

I’m still in contact with the support team… but they couldn’t reproduce and it’s still not working for me.

Finaly found my issue… there is a new? option in security → biometrics on that phone “use biometrics in apps” … this wasn’t activated, after that bitwarden shows that option!
Maybe this is your issue too