Remove the Requirement to Click the Unlock with Biometrics Button If You Have Biometric Unlocking Enabled

The value of biometric unlock (fingerprint) is to rapidly unlock the vault, which means you can unlock frequently and easily and not have to otherwise set a long and insecure timeout period. But in the browser extensions currently, after you click on the Bitwarden toolbar button, you always have to then first click on the Unlock with Biometrics button before getting the biometric detection popup.

If you have configured Bitwarden to use biometrics, you always want to use biometrics so this extra click is completely unnecessary and slows things down.

Please remove the requirement to click the Unlock with Biometrics button if you have biometric unlocking enabled. Instead, clicking on the browser toolbar button should immediately bring up the biometric detection popup.

This is another case of streamlining the basic usability of Bitwarden.

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