Biometric prompt on Android 10+ add a "use pattern/pin" option instead of just "cancel"

Hi, I’m on Android 11 with the Google Pixel 4XL phone, September security update.

This is an issue with many apps, Bitwarden and Lastpass included. The biometric prompt for Bitwarden offers on the lower left button a “cancel” option which just gets you back to inputting your (long) master password. But Android also offers the option of putting a “use PIN/Pattern” option like seen on GPay’s prompt. This just gives you the option to use your phone’s PIN/pattern if biometric is not feasible, just like on the lock screen.

Would it be possible to implement this on the Bitwarden Android app? Especially in these times of masks, the BW app cannot be unlocked easily, e.g. for logging in and paying with a store app, which many don’t even support face unlock, like the Target app.