Allow to set a PIN in addition to biometrics for chosen items

Recently, Bitwarden gained the ability to re-prompt the master password for chosen items. This feature request is about using a PIN rather than the master password to unlock an item. The Bitwarden app itself still needs to be unlocked with your fingerprint.

  • Fingerprint/Biometrics: unlock Bitwarden app
  • PIN: unlock item in app

Reason: Biometric authentication is not really save, it took 20min to break the lock in 2019. You need a 2nd factor in case you loose your mobile or it gets stolen. Bitwarden on mobile doesn’t have a convenient 2FA. Using the master passwd as a 2nd factor is cumbersome. An additional 4 digit pin would be a good compromise between security and convenience.
In addition, it could make sense to re-prompt the master passwd after 10 consecutively failed pin codes