Reprompt but with pin

Feature name

Re-prompt but for pin instead of master password.

Feature function

In Settings, a user will be able to check “Re-prompt with pin”, in addition to “Re-prompt with master password”.
In an item window, there will be the general option to “Require re-prompt for access” instead of specifically “Master password re-prompt”.

Then, if re-prompt with pin had been activated, when the user has an item that requires re-prompting, the user will be able to enter their pin instead of their more sophisticated or much longer master password.

This makes the app more secure in the using because it prevents the user from either choosing a short master password to make re-prompting less of a hassle or not using re-prompting at all due to what a hassle it is to input a sophisticated or long passphrase every time.

The master password should only be used for encryption/decryption purposes, and the user should be encouraged to make it a sophisticated or long passphrase.

After decryption has finished, we should be able to use an easy-to-remember and quick-to-enter pin for access to sensitive items.

(There is a related request but it is worded vaguely and is not gaining any votes so I wrote this request in a way that is clear and easy to get behind).

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